Your interview process can make or break the success of your business

In any recruitment process the 1st interview is a crucial step.

This will probably be the first time you have met the applicants.

By having any suitable candidates psychometrically profiled, you’ll have determined already that these candidates are suitable for the role and most likely will fit into your team.

Preparation and planning are key to the success of any interview - going on your gut instinct in an interview is not enough and has been proved to fail.

So how well do you prepare and plan for this first interview?

Do you know what you are hoping to achieve at the end of the interview to allow you to take the next step in the recruitment process?

The 1st interview should be relatively brief, 30-45 minutes.

You need to have some well thought out questions – some of which are the same for every candidate – this way you can compare the answers afterwards.

Your 1st interview goals should be:

  1. Sell the job, the career opportunity and your company - so that they want to come back!
  2. Assess their attitude and values – do you like them? Will your team like them?
  3. Share the next steps – so they know what to expect. When you will contact them - this shows you have a process and take recruitment seriously.

Are these basic goals part of your 1st interview process?

Following up the 1st interview with a telephone interview, especially if they are in a customer facing role, will serve as an opportunity to assess their phone skills and also to keep them updated with the recruitment process.

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