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Why just satisfying your customers could be a recipe for business disaster…

When you started your business, you had a business plan and goals in place to make your business successful…

…and probably the most important one was to attract and win lots of customers.

Indeed, without your customers you would not have a business!

But, if you asked your customers are they satisfied with your business what do you think they would say?​

​And in the competitive world we live in today, is simply satisfying your customers enough?

The simple answer is no!

Research suggests that between 60% and 80% of customers who describe themselves as simply "satisfied" by a business they have used, fail to use that business again!

So, what is clear is that if your business strategy to get and keep customers is built on just satisfying them then your business will not achieve what it could…

Aim higher!

Instead of merely satisfied customers, aim for loyal customers

  • Loyal customers will make your business grow
  • Loyal customers will make your business more successful
  • Loyal customers will give you the edge over your competition

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