What superpower will you use to manage the future of your business?

You already know that you probably spread yourself too thin when it comes to running your business.

You give your time, effort and energy to your customers and your team, to projects and to many other things.

And you may feel exhausted and frustrated that you could be achieving so much more, but you just don’t have the headspace or time to do so.

You need to deploy your superpowers!

To join the ranks of Intel, Google and Bono’s ONE, you simply need to focus on one significant Objective in the next 13 weeks. What primary goal do you want to achieve this quarter?

Once you’ve chosen this, you need to measure your Key Results. These are time-sensitive measurements to monitor progress in achieving your primary goal.

John Doerr, business icon and author of the insightful book Measure What Matters, writes about the 4 superpowers that result from the use of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results):

Superpower 1 – Focus and Commit to Priorities

Superpower 2 – Align and Connect for Teamwork

Superpower 3 – Track for Accountability

Superpower 4 – Stretch for Amazing

Are you ready to be serious about the future of your business? If you are, it is time to put your 4 superpowers to work.

Click here to learn more about each of the superpowers and how you can use them in your business to achieve your quarterly OKR.

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