What stories will you tell to determine the future of your business?

What stories will you tell to determine the future of your business?

Sharing stories or facts about your business has always been a powerful marketing tool. During the Covid pandemic the messaging and content that you’ve shared with customers has likely changed very swiftly.

More businesses have moved from offline to online in an attempt to either satisfy overwhelming customer demand, adjust to offering ordering online or click and collect, or simply to let their customers know what is going on with the ‘new normal’ in their business.

Whatever changes you’ve had to make, you’ve probably been doing more business via your website than before Covid and your website may have had more visitors also.

How do you ensure that customers who arrive on your website, stay?

Clear messaging will give your business an edge in the marketplace.  How can you simplify and distil down your messaging so that an 8-year old can understand what you do?

And sharing stories on your website using better words in a better way will bring you better results also.

Presenting core facts about your business or service that are concrete, transparent and unambiguous keeps visitors engaged. These can be in the form of:

  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Statistics
  • Guarantees

These stories are an essential part of the marketing of your business. When done well, they will help your business survive and thrive in these uncertain times. They’ll help your customers understand the current situation, give you the edge over your competition, generate orders and create loyal customers.

Click here to find a checklist you can use to create great stories that you can use on your website and read a 4-page report on how storytelling can work for your business to survive in these challenging times.

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