Blog 183 - What single word will transform your business sales outcomes

What single word will transform your business’s sales outcomes?

How often do you consider your buyers’ point of view when selling your business’s products and services?

Tuning into your buyers’ perspective rather than your own will bring better results… and in his brilliant research-based, yet easy to read book ‘To Sell is Human’, author Daniel Pink lays out a new formula for success.

The old-fashioned shark-like view of salespeople was typically linked with the sale of double-glazing or used cars. Then, the famous acronym ‘ABC’ stood for ‘Always Be Closing’

Daniel Pink believes that the ‘new face of selling’ relies on the acronym ABC now being:

Attunement, Buoyancy, Clarity

Pink summarises attunement: “Step outside our own experience and imagine the emotions, perceptions and motivations of another.”

Put simply it’s the ability to put yourself in the other person's shoes and right now, during this current recession, it’s more important than ever!

How often in your business do you have an honest conversation with your buyers to understand things from their perspective? By truly understanding them you’ll learn more, gain their trust and identify a way in which your product or service can solve a problem for them.

Most people naturally think that extroverts make the best salespeople...

However, Pink argues that rather than aiming to be an extrovert, you should aim to be an ambivert’.

Click here to learn what an ambivert is and how your business will be more successful when you listen to AND understand your buyer.

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