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What happens when you sow the seeds of change in your business with 5 pull strategies?

For your business to survive and thrive, change is essential. Standing still is a recipe for irrelevance and ruin.

But change can be difficult…

People tend to do what they have always done. Your team will do what they have always done. They live in a world defined by the status quo because, largely, people’s lives, decisions and actions are ruled by behavioural habits.

Here is a great story that shows that even the most entrenched behavioural attitudes and habits can be changed.

There is nothing remarkable about a bunch of teenagers spending 3 weeks together at a lakeside summer camp, until you realise that they are a mix of Egyptian, Israeli and Palestinian teenagers specifically selected by their governments.

Seeds of Peace, as the camp is known, is responsible for being the catalyst for attitude change between these opposing cultures.

The teenagers sleep in the same cabins, eat in the same dining hall and participate in physical activities and group discussions that allow each camper to form their own opinions of their fellow campers, regardless of their country of origin.

Seeds of Peace doesn’t push Palestinians to be friends with Israelis or list reasons why one should trust the other. The camp identifies the barriers preventing the teenagers from getting to know their fellow campers and uses pull strategies to change their hearts and minds.

Now, some 6,000 Seeds of Peace graduates from the programme run regular, regional programmes in areas of conflict world-wide.

Understand and use the 5 pull strategies in your business and you can achieve the transformation of attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that you seek.

Click here to learn about the 5 pull strategies and how to use them to support change efforts with your people.

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