What can the South Pole heroes teach us about business success?

It’s tempting to throw your hands up in despair when unexpected problems occur in your business.

It’s tempting to panic, stutter and stall when things happen that are out of your control and cause chaos.

Running your business is stressful - you have commitments – suppliers to pay, customers to satisfy, staff who rely on you and above all, a profit to make.

So how do you avoid lurching from one problem to the next?

How do you survive, even thrive in turbulent times?

How do you deliver consistent results every month, regardless of outside influences?

And how do you run a business that sails the calm waters while other businesses in your industry get washed up on the rocks?

Here is the answer – focus on one goal, one daily or weekly measure of success and be fanatical and disciplined about it!

Fail to be single minded about your one goal for your business and you’ll be defeated by the ravages of change in your industry.

Learn from the heroes of the South Pole…

Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen set off for the South Pole within days of each other. Scott reached the Pole but did not survive the trip. Amundsen reached the Pole before Scott and made it back alive… WHY?

Amundsen was single minded about one thing, he was fanatically disciplined, he had one plan and stuck to it, regardless of the weather, conditions and numerous other problems he and his team encountered along the way.

He chose one goal, made it his only focus and it brought him back alive.

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