What can Michael Jordan teach your business about the right mindset?

Creating a growth mindset in your business will enhance motivation and productivity.

It has also proved to be successful in the worlds of education, and sport.

Take Michael Jordan – he is the most successful Basketball player EVER!

He helped his team The Chicago Bulls win the NBA championship 6 times and was the NBA all-star player 14 times, but he was not always the best… he was not always good.

When he started out his coach observed that although he was not that good…

‘he was the first at training and the last to leave, every day I saw him working hard at getting better’

He worked hard, got better and the rest is history as they say BUT…

During his career he failed many, many times.

He missed 9000 shots!

He lost 300 games!

He missed 26 game winning shots… Game winning!!!

BUT his belief was ‘to succeed, first you must learn to fail’

Michael Jordan had a growth mindset and is now worth $3 bill​ion!

He believed that his skill was not God-given, it was learned, through effort, hard work, determination and a belief that failure sets you on the path to greater achievement.

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