Blog 200 - Are you compelling customers to buy from you or your competitors

Use compelling guarantees to win customers

Buyers have learned to be sceptical or even cynical about the promises made by suppliers. So why not make a promise with ‘teeth’.

Why not make a promise where the majority of the risk is on you?

Introduce committed, compelling guarantees that are directly relevant to your customers and different from your competitors’ guarantees.

Introduce guarantees that give you a competitive advantage and you immediately make your business stand out.

A compelling guarantee can turbo-charge your sales and marketing.

Here are 4 helping hands to set you off on the right path to creating the right guarantee for your business:

1) Commit to giving your marketing promises ‘teeth’ – offer a money-back or better guarantee.

Just like a small upholstery company did when they won a big contract to supply the Celtic Manor resort, they offered a full money-back guarantee if they did not deliver on time. This was enough for them to win the business over 2 larger companies.

2) Shift the balance of risk from the buyer to you as much as you can. 

If your competitors offer returns and money back within 30 days, you could offer 60 days, or 90 days, or a lifetime guarantee and their money back.

3) Make your guarantee stand out from the ones offered by your competitors. 

Just like Premier Inn did, whilst all of their competition was focused on price and price comparison, Premier Inn offered a ‘guaranteed good night’s sleep, or your money back’, and even threw Lenny Henry in for good measure!

4) Guarantee what really matters most to your customers.

Get your team involved in this (especially your customer-facing people - they know your customers better than anyone). You might think price is the most important, but it may be delivery, quality, speed of appointment, or something entirely different like a good night’s sleep.

Click here and scroll down to view the supporting tools for a ready-reckoner score card to help you build a great guarantee for your products and services using these 4 helping hands.

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