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Time to understand the vital impact of the 2 mindsets in your business…

In her many years of research Carol S Dweck, author of the best-selling book ‘Mindset – challenging the way you think to fulfil your potential’, proved the power and value of a growth mindset.

Her research focused on the education sector and asked one key question:

‘Is a person’s intelligence, skill and creativity static or are these things that can be cultivated

The answer to this question according to Dweck is a key indicator about whether you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.

She believes if we can be more ‘growth’ than ‘fixed’ in our mindset we’ll be more successful.

If you can encourage a growth mindset in your business, then your business will be more successful.

Do not ignore your fixed mindset, being human means having both mindsets is essential to you building a stronger growth mindset.

Everyone needs that voice telling them they can’t, it awakens the voice that tells them that they can!

Here are the 4 basic steps to help embrace the growth mindset in your business:

Step 1 – Learn to hear your fixed mindset ‘voice’.

When you acknowledge your fixed mindset voice it means you can move you, your people and your business to a greater use of the growth mindset, resulting in business improvement.

Step 2 – Remember! You have a choice.

You can interpret difficulties with a fixed mindset as signs that you don’t have the ability to deal with them or you can interpret them with a growth mindset as signs that you need to work harder, deal with the problem and stretch yourself to solve it.

Step 3 – Talk back with a growth mindset voice.

Counteract your fixed mindset voice with views and perspectives that enable you to maintain a learning approach to every challenge you face.

Step 4 – Take the growth mindset action.

Over time the voice you respond to most becomes your choice and the mindset you will use to deal with the challenges you face. Using the ‘Kaizen’ approach of continuous improvement (Toyota use this in their production processes) will help you adopt the growth mindset more easily.

It will enable you to:

  • take on your challenges wholeheartedly
  • learn from any set backs
  • and try again

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