Time to start winning the persuasion game for your business

Improving your skills of influencing and persuasion will doubtless grow your business, as your customers are more likely to choose your offer.  However, it pays to remember that influence and persuasion can be used for good or for bad.

Fail to respect your customers and your business will be found out. With social media, there is nowhere to hide.

So, it’s only right to take seriously the moral responsibility of using the science of influence.

You want your business to grow and you want your profits to increase, but to do this you have to take a little risk.  To ignore or to avoid using the skills of influence and persuasion is to disregard the way the human brain is wired.

Are you adventurous enough to consider a new way of working to influence your customers?

Here are 4 helping hands to get you started:

  1. Use the skills of persuasion and ‘pre-suasion’ with a strong moral compass and ethics. The credibility of your business is vital to your success, so don’t have anything but your customers’ best interests at heart when influencing them to choose you.
  2. Start influencing your customers BEFORE they reach the decision-making moment.  Remember it’s much harder to change their mind once they have made a decision.
  3. Choose the right tool from Cialdini’s ‘6 tools of influence’ (reciprocity, scarcity, authority, commitment and consistency, liking and consensus) to best suit your business and the interests of your customers.
  4. Be brave – What do you actually want your buyers to focus on before you get them to make a decision? Use Cialdini’s ‘6 tools of influence’ to guide you.

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