Start to manage change in your business with 5 pull strategies

When you talk to your team about the changes you want to make in your business, how do they react?

Does their reaction change your plans? If there is uncertainty about the change, do you adjust your plans?

If there is negativity, do you push them towards the change irregardless, or do you just put the plans on the back burner hoping they will come round?

Remember, you are the catalyst for change in your business. And change is hard and often strongly resisted by your team.

People push back against change and if you keep pushing and pushing, nothing will happen. In fact, your team may do the opposite of what you want them to do.

The question is… Could there be a better way?

How can you change minds and incite action without pushing harder?

How can you figure out the barriers for change and mitigate them?

Use the 5 PULL strategies for change. Work out what you want to change and then work out how to use these strategies with your team to help them embrace the change.

Rather than using a PUSH for change, try to REDUCE the barriers holding change back.

That’s what great catalysts do; they don’t push when it comes to change, they REDUCE the barriers to change and PULL for the changes they seek.

Whether you are trying to change the way your customers buy your products or services, motivating your team to show more initiative or changing the entire way your business operates, using these 5 PULL strategies will make introducing and embedding change easier.

Click here to see how can you REDUCE the barriers to real and effective change in your business and use the 5 PULL strategies to ease your people towards the change you seek.

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