Blog 193 - Start the winds of change in your business with weekly team meetings

‘Tack’ more often to secure the future of your business.

You want your business to survive and grow?

If team accountability is the heartbeat of your business, how often do you want to monitor it?

Have you ever seen a yacht sail into the wind?

It has to ‘tack’ very often – it sails at an angle to the wind.

The sail catches some of the wind power, while the hull sails into the wind at an angle, moving the boat forward.

While running your business, chances are sometimes you feel like all you are doing is sailing into the wind – especially in the last year!

You therefore need to ‘tack’ very often.

You need to adjust the angle of your approach to the various challenges your business throws up.

Are monthly meetings enough for your business to do this – just 12 opportunities to ‘tack’ a year?

Check in once a month and you only have 12 opportunities a year to improve, modify and adapt what you are doing as a team. Check in once a month and you only have 12 opportunities a year to rectify something going wrong.

So, instead, run weekly agenda-led accountability meetings with your team! Face to face or on-line, the value is the same for all involved.

Weekly team meetings will give you 52 opportunities to ‘tack’, modify, adapt and deal with any uncertainties that crop up quickly and efficiently.

Click here to learn that when you run your team meetings weekly you create the opportunity to ‘tack’ more often and increase your business's future.

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