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Start building consistent momentum towards success in your business…

Real life business success shows the power of small daily steps. The power of consistent daily action to create momentum towards your ultimate goal. 

In his book ‘Good to great’ Jim Collins research study showed how 11 great businesses exceeded market growth by more than 3 times the norm (one attained 18 x market growth).

All 11 businesses made lots of little steps, little regular steps that resulted, eventually in rapid and sustainable growth.

Collins called this the ‘flywheel’ effect – regular actions build momentum and eventually the wheel starts flying.

What little steps​​​​​ can you take in your business to create the flywheel effect?

Getting the wheel started takes a lot of effort – you push, and you push, and you push and sometimes many days pass without progress or change.

Then, it becomes a little easier to turn it.

And finally, it starts to generate momentum all on its own, and suddenly, what once took so much effort becomes effortless, and self-sustaining.

Big things happen when you do a bunch of little things supremely well that then compound over time.

By planning and having distraction free time to do your ‘one thing’ every day towards your ultimate goal you too can create the consistent and intelligent momentum needed to create a ‘flywheel’ effect of success in your business.

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