Blog 192 - How much attention do you pay to the moments that matter most to your customers

Revolutionise the moments that matter to your customers

Every time a customer comes into contact with your business, no matter how long that contact is, they will form an opinion.

And we love to form an opinion!

To ensure your customers’ experience goes from satisfactory to amazing you must take control of the impact and touch points.

So, what are they and how can you influence them?

Touch points are contact with your customer, whether that be a phone call, a face-to-face meeting or more common at the moment, an online chat, these are all front-line interactions.

Impact points are the events which occur behind the scenes, the out-of-sight moments, like a baggage handler moving your luggage, a chef preparing your food or the packing of the item you have purchased. You don’t see these people but their treatment of you as a customer will have as much effect on your opinion as the people you come into contact with.

It’s a combination of the front-line touch points and the behind-the-scenes impact points that create the customer service experience.

What would happen to your business if you seriously looked at your touch points and impact points and upgraded and improved each one on a regular basis?

Alternatively, think about the effect on your customer of ONE interaction with a member of your team who is having a bad day!

I’m sure you’ve been on the receiving end of this at some point, the obnoxious sales staff, the unhelpful waiter, the delivery person who would not help you with a parcel…

What sort of opinion would this customer touch point create?

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