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Release the untapped potential of your team by investing in a healthy workplace culture…

How engaged or inspired are your team? How satisfied or dissatisfied?

When you answer these questions, you may start to recognise that there are under-utilised resources that could be invested to the benefit your business – if your team members were more inspired and more engaged.

Tap into this discretionary energy and you tap into your team’s unfulfilled potential, potential that can be used to grow and build your team and your business.

Worth investing your time and effort?

Worth taking the workplace culture in your business seriously?

The stats don’t lie…

Research from international consulting firm Bain & Company shows that less than 20% of employees in most businesses feel inspired about their work. In other words, 20% feel engaged and the rest are either simply satisfied or are dissatisfied.

This means that potentially 60% of your team are ambivalent – just getting through the day – neither enthusiastic nor unenthusiastic, just going through the motions.

Think about the difference to your business if you could change this.

Further research by Bain & Company shows that inspired employees are 125% more productive than those who are simply satisfied and more than 300% more productive than those who are unsatisfied.

Why waste this untapped potential in your business?

Clearly, a team invested in the behaviours, beliefs and values of your business is worth building!

Click here to learn how to have a values conversation with your team, the first step to building a healthy workplace culture in your business.

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