Probably the best marketing SUCCES checklist in the world?

Storytelling leads to a competitive advantage.

There are millions of pieces of marketing content being created and shared on media platforms every day.

As a business, how do you stop yourself from blending into the noise?  How do you stand out from your competition?

Your customers’ decisions are based more on emotion than on logic.  So even though your products or services may be better than those of your competitors, it’s the story you tell to make an emotional connection with your buyer that will result in the sale.

You win with strong stories that tap into your customers’ emotions, compelling them to connect with your business and make you their only logical choice.

How can you tell a story in your marketing message and powerfully connect your customers to your product or service?  Chip and Dan Heath, authors of the best-selling book Made to Stick, have researched the power of storytelling from a marketing perspective.

Use their model – SUCCES – and you’ll improve your campaign and your lead generation results.  Share your product or service marketing message as a SIMPLE, UNEXPECTED, CONCRETE, CREDIBLE, EMOTIONAL STORY…

This checklist works!  Cut through the masses of marketing clutter when you communicate with a concrete, tangible, credible, deliverable story – a SUCCEStory.

Click here to learn more about the SUCCES checklist and the difference that this and storytelling will make to your marketing and to the future growth of your business.

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