Movie magic and meeting magic comes from conflict

Movie magic and meeting magic comes from conflict…

Because you want your business to succeed, you want to make great decisions that have the full support of your team.

Making a decision first puts you, the business leader or manager, under the spotlight…

This makes conflict and collaboration a critical part of your meeting management and your meeting success.

When the stakes are high, constructive debate is essential in the meeting.

In fact, the decision demands conflict, needs debate and disagreement. It’s healthy, its makes for better decisions and better meetings.

It’s just like watching a great movie…

Movies – you watch them, you love them… millions do. The industry is worth £38 billion a year.

Directors of these movies realised long ago that movies must have conflict to hold the audience’s attention.

Viewers need to feel the tension that the characters feel, need to believe the drama, it’s what makes the movie compelling.

Think about the start of every great movie – conflict always shows up.

At the start of the James Bond Movie ‘Spectre,’ Daniel Craig joins the day of the dead parade in Mexico and has a ‘conflict’ on a helicopter in the central square. He then ends up having a ‘conflict’ with Ralph Fiennes, who has recently taken over as ‘M’.

Conflict and the resolution of conflict make movies and meetings compelling.

Make your meetings more like a James Bond movie by seeing conflict as an opportunity to encourage debate, good decision making, collaboration and ultimately the growth of your business.

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