Make the success of your team your greatest business achievement

When starting a new job, people do not come to work to lose, they come to win – and a sense of pride in the work that they do is a source of that winning feeling.

Your people want to be proud of their work, the work that makes your business a success.

Your people want their work to be acknowledged and appreciated and want to feel proud that they have been part of the overall success of your business.

They want to feel part of the team, to have a sense of ownership and belonging.

How many times in the last 6 months have you rewarded your team, acknowledged their achievements, told them you appreciate the work they do and made them aware of the fact that your business is a success as a direct result of their efforts?

David Sirota, author of The Enthusiastic Employee, states:

“People want to feel good about what they do and for whom they do it, and, assuming the equity (fairness) needs are reasonably satisfied, pride is a major driver of performance and commitment.”

Sirota’s research points to six primary sources of long-lasting achievement:

  1. The challenge of the work itself
  2. Learning new skills
  3. The ability to perform
  4. The perceived importance of one’s job
  5. The recognition received for performance – thanks and pay
  6. Working for a company of which one can be proud

Your team is your greatest asset – they are responsible for the success of your business. And remember that you, as the business leader, have a marked influence on your team’s level of enthusiasm.

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