Make prioritising a priority in your business

Your pre-frontal cortex is the 4% of your brain that when used as nature intended will deliver you the business success your desire.

But is does have its limitations:

  • it’s tiny – its only 4%, and therefore can only cope with 1,2,3 things at one time
  • it does not like distractions – like actors in a play it can only perform one thing at a time – so it is your job to limit distractions and stay focused
  • it wears out fast – it’s not a Duracell bunny – like any muscle, when used it gets tired – so your job is to prioritise the things that matter whilst your brain is at its freshest

Your job is to prioritise your priorities - as your very first job of the day.

Prioritising involves making decisions – sometimes tricky ones – decisions are better and more easily made when your brain in fresh – when your 4% is fully charged.

Strangely enough, most people don’t choose to begin their day focusing on the No.1 priority, either because they haven’t worked out what it is or they know their No.1 priority, but don’t work on it when their brain is freshest.

They prefer to wait until their brain is out of juice before tackling the most important job of the day. Like loading heavy boxes into a van after doing the 20 minutes of push-ups.

Make the prioritising decisions then get everything else ‘off your mental stage’ and focus on the things that matter most.

Recognise the limits of your brain and you will achieve better business success.

Click here to learn how to build a habit to prioritise what matters most – when you get focused on focus you will improve your decisions, your interactions and the future success of your business.

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