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Is it OK for businesses to have a positive outlook – despite the challenging economic forecasts?

There are so many challenges facing business owners up and down the country at the moment and there are also many challenges ahead as everyone tries to move through this crisis with the minimum of losses.

I’m sure as a business owner it is hard most days to see the positives. Talking to customers, suppliers, other business owners and your own team, the brutal truth is hard to hide from.

But perhaps we should also be sharing our hope and optimism for the future too?

I think so.

In this brief video you’ll hear from a young medical patient who experienced the optimism of her medical team and the impact their positivity had on her way of thinking:

Maybe every business owner has a responsibility when talking to customers, suppliers and their team to inject positivity AND realism – these positions are not mutually exclusive.

You will have dealt with some of your contacts for a number of years, so those relationships are well formed, you know each other, maybe the next time you speak you could share little nuggets of positivity that you have, even if it is on a personal level.

There is a lot to be said for the power of positive thinking and having a positive mental attitude, even in times like this.

Maybe especially in times like this.

Perhaps you need an injection of positivity too? How else can you maintain positivity for you and your team?

Check out this brief report on ‘Growth Mindset’ and be inspired towards all the changes we’re facing, all the challenges we’re facing and see how our outlook affects our results and the results of the people we care for – our family – our team – our customers.

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