Blog 181 - How to make your team meetings work – Rockefeller style

How to make your team meetings work – Rockefeller style

How often do you have a team meeting?

Even if your team meetings happen remotely at the moment, you’re probably still having them.

In these team meetings do you hold your people accountable for the work that they do?

Or are your team meetings, like so many, just a general wishy washy catch up on what everyone is doing?

What if 30 minutes a week can get you the very best from your people?

It’s simple really – get together every week and follow a proven framework for your team meeting - a robust weekly agenda that will get all your people on the same page.

Yes, you may have tried team meetings before but…

You mostly do the talking, your team mostly do all the listening.

Conversations go around and around and mostly never reach a conclusion…

If anything, your experience may suggest team meetings undermine what you are trying to do or maybe you’ve never even started them because you found them a waste of time?

John D Rockefeller (famous American oil industry business magnate, industrialist, and philanthropist) insisted on DAILY management meetings for his senior people, using his own proven framework to ensure accountability and focus.

Attendance was mandatory, even if people were off site, working remotely or from home, everyone was still expected to be at the meeting, or on the call.

Rockefeller’s success shows us all the way — especially as managers or business owners we strive to get our staff members working towards department or business goals.

Click here to access the proven WEEKLY AGENDA for team meetings built by Rockefeller and discover for yourself the success that well-structured, agenda and accountability driven meetings can bring to your business.

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