Lead with purpose to make a positive difference in your business

The purpose of your business is more important than its profits…

Raj Sisodia, business researcher and author, identified purpose-led companies loved by their employees, customers and other stakeholders – he called them ‘Firms of Endearment’.

These ‘Firms of Endearment’ outperformed the S&P 500 share index by 14 times, clearly demonstrating the success and rewards that leading with purpose can bring.

Wouldn’t you like to beat your past performance or that of your competition by similar ratios?

But what happens when you don’t lead with purpose?

In over 50 years of employee engagement research, Gallup has surveyed over 1.8 million employees and 82,000 teams, in 230 businesses across 49 industries and 73 countries.

According to this research, only 15% of employees described themselves as engaged in the work they were doing. What a waste of human potential!

As Sisodia and John Mackey state in their book Conscious Capitalism:

“The blame for this does not lie with the lazy and unmotivated workers but with the companies that fail to create purposeful workplaces in which people are given the opportunity to find meaning, purpose and happiness… by contributing to the valuable work of the company”.

Gallup’s research findings support Sisodia and Mackey’s position that taking the time to work out what your business stands for and agreeing on a well-defined purpose is vital for team engagement.

What percentage of your team are engaged when it comes to the work they do for your firm?

Imagine the difference to your business if you could improve the engagement levels of those on your team who are not currently engaged in the work they do!

How much difference would this make to the future of your business?

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