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How can ‘Kaizen’ positively influence the success of your business?

How does change happen within your business?

It is through several targeted initiatives or part of your everyday work?

Your business success depends on your ability to constantly improve what you do and how you do it.

The Japanese call this Kaizen – constant improvement.

The word translates to mean change (kai) for the good (zen).

Businesses that follow that Kaizen approach believe that everything can always be improved.

Your business and the people within it all need to have a growth mindset for Kaizen to work as there is never a period of status quo.

There must be continuous efforts to improve, these can be small changes over time, which in the long term add up to large changes, or these can be one off changes.

The Kaizen approach is at the heart of the Toyota Production system and has influenced many production processes throughout the world.

A growth mindset is the Kaizen of human development.

Applying Kaizen to your mindset means accepting that, despite any challenges or difficulties you face, you can work out a solution by responding positively to any issues, learn a new skill, improve your existing skills, build new insights and master a better way for you and your business.

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