Blog 171 - How can business owners buy into the currency of sales

How can business owners buy into the currency of sales?

Most people will say they don’t like salespeople…

If you ask your team to describe a typical salesperson, they may use the words pushy or aggressive or describe the car salesman in a shiny suit trying too hard to sell you a car you are not sure you want, at a price you're not comfortable with...

This is an outdated version of a salesperson where they holds all the strings – and this version is absolutely no longer the case!

Now with the internet and social media the balance has shifted.

And in this climate of economic uncertainty everyone is being careful how they spend their money.

Before it used to be ‘buyer beware’ - because salespeople held all the information and consequently the power.

But now the internet allows information equality. So now it’s ‘seller beware’.

Salespeople no longer wield the power!

Imagine you are a salesperson and think about this likely scenario… you are ready to have a chat with a potential buyer, you have all your data and information about the products or services you want to sell…

…however, your buyer has done their own due diligence, they have educated themselves on your products/services, they have compared your business to the competition, they have all the reviews, feedback and information they need.  And they have already formed an opinion by the time you are engaging in the sale!

So, how do you make your business the one that the buyer chooses? – Click here to discover the new currency that will secure the future of your business.

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