Here’s how you achieve ‘80/20 wins’ from your use of time…

Your time is precious, so how do you avoid wasting up to 80% of your working week?

Who’d choose to work 4 days a week to produce only 1 days’ worth of results?

And yet you have not implemented the universally recognised, provenly successful 80/20 principle in your business when it comes to time management.

Here are 5 proven steps to help you achieve 80/20 wins in your business:

1) Colour-code each activity in your diary or outlook calendar for 80/20. 

Go back to last week and highlight the low value time (80%) in red and the high value time (20%) in green

2) Decide which low value (red time) activities are easier to stop and which are harder

Identify the items that can be delegated quickly, require minimal training or simply not done at all

3) Work out how to stop doing the ‘easy to stop doing’ red time activities:

The options are:

  • Don’t do it again – ever
  • Delegate to a team member
  • Delegate to another business – externally
  • Leave it until later

There are some red time activities that you currently do that will obviously still need doing – this does not mean that you must be the one to do them.

4) Decide which high value (green time) activities you should be doing more of

These are the activities that deliver the biggest results for your business. A successful product line in need of promotion, high value customer visits…

5) Build more high value (green time) activity into your diary and plan a phased increase, then make it happen

So much of our diary is unplanned ebb and flow, but by looking for 80/20 wins you will plan better and make better use of your time.

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