Here are 4 helping hands to ensure successful recruitment

It pays to consider the time, money and lost performance associated with recruiting and training new people. It can be a big drain on a team.

Get it right and the time, money and extra work are all worth it.   However, hire badly and you are back to square one.

Gut feeling, ill prepared interviews and skill-focused recruitment often means you don’t hire the right people.

If you are convinced in the value of hiring, then follow a proven recruitment process and put these 4 tips to work for you:

  1. Prepare well – use the same systematic recruitment process every time. Even when the grade of person you are hiring changes, try and apply the same principles. You want to hire well no matter what position you are filling, not just any old body to fill the space in your team.
  2. Start your interviews by relaxing the interviewee – interviews are a nerve-racking experience – let them know you know this. Maybe talk about their journey here or run through the interview agenda.
  3. Ask well thought out questions to assess attitude as well as skill – it is obviously important that they can do the job, but you can find out a little bit about their personality and behaviour during the interview process – especially if they have more than one interview.
  4. If in doubt, leave them out – if you or any member of your team has any doubts, then you should not recruit them. It is easier and cheaper to repeat the recruitment process than it is to hire them, train them, only to then realise they are not suitable.

Follow this 4-step approach to interviews and download this report to give you the 6-step recruitment process to hiring the superstars you want to work with.  The superstars who will grow your business.

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