Blog 172 - Have well structured accountability conversations in your business

Have well-structured accountability conversations in your business

The Business Dictionary Definition of accountability is:

“The obligation of an individual or organisation to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner”.

‘Obligation’ and ‘responsibility’ may be seen as intimidating and scary in this definition, it’s no wonder people think of accountability as a punishment if something goes wrong…

But it doesn’t have to be like this…

Accountability in your business should be looked at as an opportunity to strengthen your business and the relationships within it.

So, given the sensitivity of this subject and the fact that right now people feel very uncertain about their future, how often do you hold the people in your business accountable?

Ken Blanchard (world-renowned business author and trainer) suggests: “The greatest test of a relationship is what happens when someone lets you down. Yet these are the moments of greatest opportunity”

When you tackle below-par performance early and have a well-structured conversation to solve the issue you WILL strengthen the relationship.

When a colleague lets you down, misses a deadline or agreed target or gives you less in their performance than you were expecting, what do you do?

  • Say nothing – the poor performance carries on
  • Speak up and possibly create a conflict
Having an accountability conversation is not easy – it’s awkward, uncertain, uncomfortable and most people are not willing to tackle an issue head on…

Click here to learn how to have well-structured accountability conversations in your business…

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