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Fair treatment is rule one when it comes creating enthusiasm in your team

Your team’s enthusiasm has a direct impact on their productivity and on the success of your business.

In extensive research conducted by the Sirota Group, they found that the enthusiasm of any team as a measure of productivity and motivation is central to a Three-Factor Theory (the 3 sources of enthusiasm).

The Sirota Group says that “rather than believing you somehow have to motivate people to do work, this theory assumes that everyone starts out motivated – but then other things happen, or don't happen, that reduce this natural motivation.”

If you are struggling with the enthusiasm of your team, then use the 3 sources of enthusiasm to help.

Remember – as a leader you determine your team’s level of enthusiasm.

To rebuild your team’s enthusiasm, you, the business leader, must create a working environment that builds high levels of fairness (equity), achievement and camaraderie.

Fairness, or what the Sirota Group calls ‘equity’, is a pre-requisite for enthusiasm. A sense of fair treatment comes from a blend of job security, fair pay and respect.

Here is the simple truth – equity, or fair treatment – is the single greatest motivating factor.

Ask your team – nothing will matter more than being treated fairly for the work they do.

If you want high levels of enthusiasm in your team, all 3 fairness goals must feature – job security, fair pay and the respect and appreciation that you as the employer show them.

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