Encourage the right triggers in your business for success

A behavioural trigger – any stimulus that reshapes your thoughts and actions.

We are surrounded by triggers in our personal and working lives, most of them we’re unaware of!

And our environment is ‘jam-packed’ with triggers!

Think about driving your car. What environmental triggers are there?

  • A road sign triggers you to slow down as you pass a school
  • The brake lights of the car in front trigger you to brake too
  • The lines on the road trigger you to get into the right lane
  • Your petrol light flashing triggers you to stop and fill up

These triggers mean a change in your behaviour, but you don’t think about it. The trigger happens, which sets off an impulse, which moves you to act.

At work you are also surrounded by a glut of visual, language and other behavioural triggers. These triggers will repeat regularly and mostly go unrecognised. You and your team will respond to behavioural triggers without even thinking.

“Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit which, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex.” – Normal Vincent Peale.

So, who is pulling your trigger and how to do you change repeating behaviour?

Only if you choose the triggers in your business can you truly choose your behaviours and results.

Unless you actively choose your work triggers, you’re dancing to someone else’s tune and your behaviours will be on repeat.

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