Effective (virtual) team meetings for everyone’s buy-in

When faced with these challenging times, getting your team’s full buy-in to new ways of working together (remotely from home) and new ways of working with customers is essential.

Remote working needs routine.

  • Daily routines for all your team.
  • Daily routines for your leadership, production, admin and customer-facing teams.

Your meetings (using Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, Kahoot or other video conferencing) can help provide a daily framework for your team to work around.

They help everyone to be clear on what’s expected of them - and sets up support processes too.

With the many big decisions you’re making, it’s important in your daily leadership meeting, not to have passive team members – it’s important to get everyone actively involved.

  • Important meetings requiring big decisions that will have a high impact aren’t healthy with passive bystanders who approve of everything you say. Instead you want to welcome their candid opinions, encourage debate, seek out constructive conflict
  • Lower-impact meetings need less debate and interaction and would benefit from a more direct, make-the-decision-before-the-meeting, planning-the-implementation approach.

Both show good leadership.

But, when making high-impact important decisions, you’ll get greater support from your people if and when you actively involve them in the discussion before the decision is made.

Charging ahead without your team’s active involvement could be seriously problematic, like it was for the leaders on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig!

Here’s a brief report about how the right kind of conflict will get your team’s full and active support, help you make better decisions and avoid damaging mistakes (like the worst oil spillage in history, from Deepwater Horizon) - Click here

We hope it proves to be both helpful and valuable now that your team meetings are more important than ever.

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