Don’t let employee disenchantment spread through your business

You can easily identify the people in your business who are openly difficult, uncooperative and allergic to work. Luckily, in most businesses, they are few and far between.

But what about the ‘walking indifferent’ who silently kill the enthusiastic culture and high-performance in your business? Do you know who they are?

They are normal people with reasonable employee needs that have only been marginally met.

As a result, they have become disenchanted.

As a result, they will only give you (the employer) a mere fraction of what they are capable of contributing.

These people, if unchecked, can spread disenchantment throughout your team and business like a virus.

But they did not start off like this…

Most people are naturally enthusiastic when starting a new job.

However, extensive research by ‘The Sirota Group’ shows that only 14% of businesses avoid this loss in enthusiasm within 6 months of starting work and the other 86% of businesses crush the newly recruited enthusiasm within 6 months!

So, what are the 86% of businesses doing wrong when it comes to maintaining and building enthusiasm within their team and what can we all learn from the 14% who are obviously doing it right?

Click here to avoid these same mistakes with your team and you join the ranks of the top 14% of businesses.

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