Discover the 4 ‘mindset-steps’ to long-term business success

If you were asked whether you had a fixed mindset or a growth mindset what would you say?

Would anyone want to own up to having a fixed mindset…

You, like most of us probably have a bit of both…

When approaching a new business challenge or doing something new in your business you have your fixed mindset saying:

“Are you sure you can do it? What if you fail?  Let’s just stay as we are!”

And you have your growth mindset saying:

‘I am sure it will be tricky at first, but if I don’t try I will never know, and if I fail, that’s OK, I can always try again’

Carol S Dweck is leading research into the power and value of a growth mindset and believes it’s simply a matter of a learning mindset.

She believes there are several ways of stacking the odds in our favour. If we can be more ‘growth’ than ‘fixed’ in our mindset then we will be more successful.

If you and your team develop the growth mindset or learning mindset then your business will achieve greater success.

She talks about 4 steps to success:

  • Hear your fixed mindset voice – if you ignore it your business will never reach its full potential
  • Remember you have a choice – how your business deals with challenges, new ideas and opportunities is up to you
  • Answer with a growth mindset voice – be positive and accept that failure is learning
  • Take the growth mindset action – learn and try again – eventually this should be the voice you hear more often.

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