Avoid these 4 pitfalls when dealing with your customer complaints

When it comes to getting customer service right in your business, is your problem-solving process effortless for your customers?

Or do your customers have to work hard to get their issues resolved?

If you step into your customers’ shoes, what do they experience when trying to resolve their late delivery, missing items or incorrect bill?

It may help to study the 4 pitfalls below and use them to analyse your business’s own customer service performance…

These are 4 things that nearly all businesses have done at one time or another and that many still do!

  1. Customers have to contact you more than once – this is because you fail to solve their issue the first time. Nothing annoys a customer more than having to call you back.
  2. Customers have to repeat the same information to several people when they are passed from one department to another.
  3. Not choosing your words carefully – the words you use can affect the way your customers feel – get these wrong and they will walk away.
  4. Bouncing customers around from department to department – this wastes time and irritates all customers.

These 4 pitfalls will bring business failure. Research tells us that 96% of customers who found it difficult to resolve their problem and who found the process overly complex did not repurchase – their loyalty was lost.

Click here to learn in more detail about the 4 pitfalls to avoid if you want to make your customers’ experience effortless when resolving their problems.

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