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Avoid stress and hassle when you tap into the natural drive and enthusiasm in your people

If you believe that the levels of enthusiasm and commitment in your team are hard-wired, then you’re missing out on greater results for your business.

14% of businesses have achieved high levels of enthusiasm and reap the rewards of this, thanks to better staff retention, stronger customer satisfaction, greater team spirit and greater innovation.

But a whopping 86% of businesses fail to increase the morale of their team from low or moderate to high morale because they fail to put the 3 sources of enthusiasm to work in their businesses.

Your job as a business leader is to ensure you are part of the 14%, not the 86%.

Your job is to start obsessing about the enthusiasm of your team.

There are enough stresses and strains to running a business, so why not take full responsibility for something over which you have a great deal of control – the enthusiasm level of your team!

A great place to start is the Sirota Group framework, a common-sense framework which will help you assess sources of conflict or difficulty. You can then set about improving your skills, knowledge and performance on the 3 sources of enthusiasm.

  1. Accept personal responsibility for the levels of enthusiasm in your team.
  2. Seek to improve your team’s sense of fairness – what can you do to foster a sense of job security, financial stability and respect?
  3. Seek to improve your team’s sense of achievement – build a sense of pride using the 6 sources of achievement.
  4. Seek to improve your team’s sense of camaraderie – what can you do to improve your skills at conflict resolution and partnership building?

Click here to focus on the management practices that build and maintain the 3 sources of enthusiasm in your team and build the success of your business.

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