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Ascend the delegation ladder with your team and watch your business grow…

Have you ever got frustrated because you gave a simple job to one of your team and wished you’d done it yourself?

It’s a simple fact that one person can’t do everything. Trying to accomplish or micromanage too many tasks leads to burnout, poor quality and missed deadlines, not to mention time management problems.

Delegation is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of leadership.

As the leader of your business or the manager of a department you must create an environment where you are delegating, and your team are using their initiative habitually.

Encourage more initiative from your people by applying the delegation ladder to your team interaction.

The delegation ladder gives you 5 steps (levels) for generating greater initiative and greater results from your team, and eventually frees you up from doing it all yourself.

Initiative can be learned. Just like you can learn to drive a car, ride a bike or learn another language, initiative can be learned too, but only when you, as the leader create a culture where initiative is encouraged.

In his book Principle Centred Leadership Stephen R Covey suggests that there are 5 levels of initiative.

Click here to learn about the 5 steps (levels) of the delegation ladder that can help deliver the performance you seek from your people.

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