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Are you risking the success of your business by sidestepping customer care…

You might not think you need to invest in the care of your customers, you might think that they are fine as they are, that you are fine as you are, and your business is successful enough…

But just think how much more successful you could be if you took your customer loyalty seriously and invested time and money into it.

Remember it’s cheaper now than lost profits and lost customers due to poor service.

Jan Carlzon did it at an airline and demanded just 5 x 15 seconds from his employees, he called them ‘moments of truth’.

Just 75 seconds with each customer was all it took to turn around the fortunes of Scandinavian Airlines.

A ‘moment of truth’ is when a customer service experience causes your customer to love (or hate!) your business.

You might not be an airline, you might be a small manufacturing business, you might sell most of your products on-line, but the principles are the same.

At SAS the moments of truth were face-to-face, 1-on-1 conversations between customers and SAS people.

Your moments of truth might be on your website, filling in order forms, or over the phone.

What’s certain is you can improve your business’s moments of truth whatever they look like.

One business we know of adds an ink stamp cartoon to all their monthly invoices. The cartoon is different every month. They are managing the moment of truth when a customer reviews their invoice.

It’s not uncommon for the financial controller to share the cartoon with others in the office. And so, the cartoon creates a favourable feeling towards the supplier - who knows, they may even get paid sooner too.

How can you apply this to your moments of truth and make them more magical?

Customer care is a moving target.

Be very careful and cautious of under-estimating or second-guessing your customer’s expectations.

Avoid being complacent and review your moments of truth regularly with your people.

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