Adopt the Amundsen single-minded strategy for your business success

You’ll always find loads to do every day and every week in your business. But to be well placed to survive and even thrive in times of competitive attack or economic uncertainty you’ll need to adopt the Amundsen strategy.

Roald Amundsen said this about his attempt to reach the South Pole:

“Our plan is one, one and again one alone – to reach the Pole. For that goal I have decided to throw everything else aside”

This same single-minded focus and approach will deliver your business consistent results also.

It’s time to be fanatical about your business success.

On the 1st November 1911 Captain Robert Falcon Scott set off from Cardiff aiming to be the first man to reach the South Pole - unfortunately, the expedition claimed his life.

Amundsen set off a few days earlier and arrived at the Pole 34 days ahead of Scott.

Amundsen and all his team made it back alive.

Why? How?

Amundsen had one goal; Scott had two…

Scott wanted to get to the Pole AND conduct scientific research – he took more than 2000 photos and was carrying 34lb of rocks on the return trip.

Amundsen took 10 photos – all on the way back and had no other distractions.

His plan was clear – get to the South Pole.

Amundsen obsessed with walking no more than 15 nautical miles a day (every day). Come hail, snow, rain or shine Amundsen and his team packed up every morning and set off to do their 15 miles.

On bad weather days Amundsen only managed 8 miles – but their mindset at the start of every day was always to do 15 and no more.

On the other hand, Scott made hay while the sun shone, going as far as they possibly could on sunny days, sometimes dragging their sleds for 10 hours, while on bad weather days they would stay in their tents until it passed.

Amundsen’s team did not allow the weather to determine their routine, they were fanatically disciplined about doing 15 miles a day, every day, without fail.

Amundsen had a daily focus – a daily game – 15 miles a day…

What’s your daily focus, your daily business game?

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