Blog 187 - A weekly rhythm is the key to increased productivity

A weekly rhythm is the key to increased productivity

To make more than just a lot of noise in your business, you've got to have rhythm.

At the heart of great team performance is a rhythm of tightly run daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings.

All of which happen as scheduled, ideally at the same time, each day, week or month, without fail, with specific agendas, regardless of people’s locations.

You already know that you'll solve problems more quickly and easily in your business, achieve better alignment, and communicate more effectively when you run well-structured agenda driven meetings.

Why did John D Rockefeller hold a meeting every day with his senior people – because let’s face it – that’s an expensive meeting?

Mr Rockefeller was at the centre of Standard Oil, Chase Manhattan Bank and some rather large real-estate deals – remember the Rockefeller centre in New York?

Rockefeller needed the daily check-in, he needed to know that his business and his people were on track, he needed to know his team were working as a team and he made sure they were accountable for the job they were doing.

Daily meetings are ambitious for any business.

But monthly meetings are just not enough - meeting only 12 times a year?   How easily can processes go off track with such a long space in between the meetings?

How about creating a weekly rhythm in your business by having weekly team meetings, making sure individually accountability shows up and using a proven agenda.

Click here for more details on this proven agenda – it really is very simple and can be used in 30-minute meetings to transform your business success.

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