A proven interviewing process for hiring superstars in your business

Like many business owners or managers, do you find the recruitment process a lottery?

What’s clear is, for your business success, it’s critical every person is right for their job.

So how can you ensure you’re hiring the right person for the right job?

Do you use a specific recruitment plan or process when faced with having to recruit someone?

If you treat recruiting someone as just another business hassle it’s unlikely you’ll hire the right person. Instead you must be committed to a more strategic approach in order to hire the best people more often.

Of course, there are different levels of personnel, you need to vary your approach depending on who you want to recruit…

…a checkout person will demand a different approach to a sales manager; however, if you use the proven 6-step process throughout, your chances of getting it right first time will greatly improve.

Yes, it takes time and energy to go through the whole process thoroughly, however it’s worth it, don’t you think, if it means that you are less likely to need to recruit for the same job again?

Here is the failsafe 6-step recruitment process:

  1. Prepare well
  2. Be scientific
  3. Interview 1
  4. Telephone Call
  5. Interview 2
  6. Finish well

Click here to learn more detail about each of these steps and the success that this process can bring to your business and the people you hire.

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