4 helping hands to help your business survive and thrive

Focus is required if you are to achieve your goals for your business.

You might have ambitious goals and you might have grand plans for achieving them, but you may be too busy just running your business day-to-day to actually get started.

Sound familiar?

This can lead to disenchantment and frustration, making it even harder for you to focus on the future.

When you set a single strategic priority for the next 13 weeks, it ensures that most of the day-to-day work will get done and ONE important change priority can be achieved at the same time.

Something as simple as setting a priority focus for 13 weeks, sharing it across all your team and establishing ways to track activities and results now sounds achievable.

Here are 4 helping hands to get you started:

1. Write out the list of business growth goals you have for your business. 

These can be anything from ‘sort the filing out’ to ‘hire a new member of the team’. Record whatever is holding you back from growth or those things that, with implementation, would help your business grow.

2. Choose one priority OBJECTIVE for you and your team to focus on in the next 13 weeks. Leave the other goals for now (they can be dealt with in future quarters).

3. Discuss this objective with your team and ensure buy-in. 

Make sure everyone is clear on the handful of KEY RESULTS that, together, will deliver your OBJECTIVE. Work out who will do what and measure and monitor the activities.

4. Make sure your leaders are seen and heard giving your business OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) their wholehearted approval, support and diary time. 

This sends a clear message to your team of the importance of the OBJECTIVE and the KEY RESULTS in place to achieve it.

Agreeing to one core objective for the next 13 weeks means you are doing what Google has done over 80 times since 1999. Worth your time and attention, don’t you think?

Click here to learn more about Google, Bono and Intel and the success that OKRs brought them and how, with the same single-minded focus to your priorities, they will help you determine the future success of your business.

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