Blog 203 - 4 helping hands for you to build credibility in your business

4 helping hands for you to build credibility in your business

Without credibility or with less credibility than your competition, you will struggle to sell.

It pays to look closely at what’s relevant to your ideal customer when choosing what type of credibility will give you a competitive edge in your sector.

What are your competitors doing to make their business or products credible and stand out?

Perhaps credibility isn’t being used well in your sector – what a massive opportunity to gain a huge competitive advantage!

When you build your credibility above and beyond your competition you will secure a bright future for your business.

Here are 4 helping hands to help credibility pay off for your business:

1) Take credibility deadly seriously 

Don’t lose out to the competition by allowing them to master credibility before you do, use the ‘6 sources of credibility’ to steal a march on the competition and gain extra sales. And don’t be flippant about the importance of credibility, or you’ll fall quickly – remember Gerald Ratner of Ratners Jewelry Group?

2) Invest in credibility that’s most relevant to your customers

Money is always relevant and making strong guarantees is worthwhile ‘if you are not completely satisfied you get your money back’. But your investment might be time, safety, opportunity or prestige. Choose the right one for your market and your customers.

3) Seek credibility through your actions not just your words 

Because actions speak louder than words, invest in actions to prove that your product works, like Richard Davis did when he shot himself point blank, to prove his vest could stop a bullet.  Nothing makes your business more credible or your customers trust you more, than an act of proof.

4) Make your credibility stronger than the competition

You are only credible if you are better than your competition, work out, using the 6 sources of credibility, how to out-perform them. Whatever they are doing, do more. However good they are, be better. For example, Marks and Spencer’s were massively credible back in the 90s, when you could return any goods and get your money back without a quibble – they stood out from the competition, because they were better – but now more and more retailers do this therefore they have lost their credible advantage…

But what if they offered a lifetime return with your money back? They would go one better than the competition, regain their position at the top of the credibility tree…

Remember the key to your credibility success is to focus your time and energy on what matters most to the ideal customers in your sector…

Click here to learn more about the 6 sources of credibility and how you can put them to work to create a big impact on the success your business.

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