13 trust behaviours to help you build, maintain and restore trust in your business

Considering the consequences of low trust to your business (or to society at large) is probably not high on your priority list – you are so busy running your business that you haven’t really got the time to stop and measure the effect that low trust may be having on your team, customers, profits and growth.

But trust is on the decline. Have a look at any trust index (Google it) and you will see an erosion of trust in our culture and in many walks of life. People just don’t trust others as much as they did a generation ago.

And yet trust is something so valuable and important to all of us that it’s worth investing time and effort in restoring, building and maintaining it.

The good news… trust can be learned.

Steven Covey points to 13 behaviours that can help you do just that:

  1. Talk Straight – be honest, tell the truth
  2. Demonstrate Respect – care for others and show it, treat others with respect
  3. Create Transparency – tell the truth, be real and genuine
  4. Right Wrongs – admit when you are wrong, apologise and be humble
  5. Show Loyalty – give credit to others
  6. Deliver Results – get things done consistently, make things happen on time
  7. Get Better – continuously improve, be a constant learner
  8. Confront Reality – tackle all issues, even the tough stuff
  9. Clarify Expectations – disclose, reveal and validate expectations
  10. Practice Accountability – hold yourself accountable first, take responsibility
  11. Listen First – listen before speaking, understand, diagnose, listen
  12. Keep Commitments – say what you will do and then do it, hold confidences
  13. Extend Trust – extend trust to those who have earned it

There are more details about these 13 behaviours in the Business Breakthrough report, plus a clear one-pager in the support tools (linked in the report) to help you and your team score yourselves.

The scoring will enable you to see your strengths and weaknesses and, as a result, identify what you need to work on to build greater trust.

Click here to read more about the 13 behaviours of trust and start using them to build, maintain and restore the level of trust in your business.

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